Tuesday, 24 April 2018

All About Lips #166 - H&M Cream Lip Colour in Creme Chestnut

H&M Beauty has landed in Malaysia for a while and the aesthetics are on point! The lipsticks are really beautifully packaged, feels nice and creamy (the cream lip colours anyway) without breaking the bank!

You do not get a crazy load of product, but with most lipsticks, you always look like you are getting more than you really are, due to the twist up mechanism hidden inside. However, at the price point, you really are getting a decent amount. Plus is the packaging not just dreamy to look at?

Here is a swatch of the H&M Cream Lip Colour in Creme Chestnut and is it not just a stunning shade! Due to its creamier finish, it will move after meals and need top ups but it is easily swiped on and does not need any lip liner or real precision!

I am wearing it in this photo here and the warm nude is perfect to pair with a bolder, smokier eye look. It balances the face out without washing me out. LOVE.

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