Tuesday, 17 April 2018

All About Lips #165 - Legend Age Lip Balm

My mum was kindly gifted some presents and being the filial and dutiful daughter that I am, I stole it for a review (and later returned it)

Apart from the cling wrap (which you can use on top of the Legend Age Lip Balm (pictured) to seal the lip balm in and use it like a lip mask, we have the  Legend Age Lip Balm and a lipstick holder here.

The lipstick holder is so beautiful. The embroidering on this teal blue is unusual but very pretty.

Inside there was also a lip brush! That was a bit of a surprise as I did not realise that initially.

You uncap your lip brush, and stick it at the back so as not to lose it, and get this long lip brush that is easy to help you get lip products on precisely.

The  Legend Age Lip Balm is the highlight of this post! The packaging depicts a woman with peachy coral lips, which is actually the shade the lip balm changes to.

In fact, it does say on the packaging, albeit in Chinese, that this is a peachy healthy lip balm!

The Legend Age Lip Balm has quite a sleek packaging, black with gold stripes, and it is actually really pretty.

The actual lip balm is a yellow balm, and it was a little intimidating when I first saw it.

Thankfully when you apply it, the balm softens and applies almost clear and then the colour transitions to a peachy pink shade.

Here is a swatch of the Legend Age Lip Balm and I am hoping that you can see from the swatch there is a slight pinky colour. In fact, as time passes, the tint becomes more and more obvious. It is actually more of a matte peach stain on my mum, almost like a matte lipstick! It can look a little dry so you then apply more product.

I cannot deny that the  Legend Age Lip Balm kept my mum's lips very protected but I don't think it is my favourite since the colour dries down quite matte and require more top up.

The lipstick fits nicely into the lipstick holder. I really like that it is pretty and you get a mirror inside so if you really needed to, you can use it for touch ups.

Here is the lipstick all tucked into the lipstick holder.

My mum just made a point, which could be a real legit reason why the  Legend Age Lip Balm dries down a matte colour, it is to signify to you that you need a lip balm top up! SAY WHAT. Now mull over that point.....

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