Saturday, 18 November 2017

L'occitane Malaysia Sale

Hold your horses but L'occitane Malaysia is actually doing a 50% sale on quite a few items! I think this is whilst stocks last and I wanted to let you know about this as soon as possible so I have a quick first impressions and quick review on the items.

The current L'occitane carrier bag is really cheerful and sunny. It already looks beautiful as a gift bag and tends to be how I would present my gifts to people. This is an excellent time to purchase gifts as it is sale time!

There are a few other products but these are the 4 I picked up from the sale rack and everything here is about RM50+ after the discount!

Now apart from the 4 goodies, L'occitane also allows you to join their membership without any payment (with a RM200 purchase) and you can then receive a few extra bits!

I like that they tell you a brief story of how the brand came about and that the packaging is actually recyclable as it is paper.

So in this welcome pack, you get a voucher which allows you to either have a rebate of RM20 when you spend RM200, or RM50 when you spend RM500. The membership lasts for a year and is automatically renewed when you spend RM200 annually. You also get a 5% discount on all full priced items and you collect points which go towards the payment of your products later on! For more information on this, click HERE.

I received 5 samples in my little bag, which includes the L'occitane Body & Strength Shampoo. I do not actually have fine or fragile hair but will give this a go and see if it will make my already big hair even bigger.

The L'occitane Repairing Conditioner I have already tried and I like it.

The L'occitane Almond Milk Concentrate is amazing and the entire range is just divine. They all make beautiful presents and you can either get them in a gift set or just individually.

I will also be trying out the L'occitane Precious Serum and Precious Cream as it is one of the popular skincare ranges apart from the immortal range!

The samples are definitely good for travel and I have never reacted to L'occitane products so I know that it is safe to travel with these.

Now to the actual products I purchased at half price! This L'occitane Sun Protection Mist was actually the first product to catch my attention because I love the idea of a UV protector for hair.

The product has a seal so that you can be sure it is safe and sound. I was quite pleased with the spritz as it is not too fine a mist (great for skincare, not so much for haircare) but it is not too aggressive as a spritz either.

You can use this on dry or towel-dried hair and it has mint, thyme, lavender, grapefruit and cedar essential oils. It smells really beautiful and the exact description was aquatic. I think that I would actually use this daily as I really like the way it smells and it does not weigh the hair down (unless you spray half a bottle at one go) and it smells so fresh (as mentioned earlier).

Next we have the L'occitane Jardin Secret Perfumed Gel. Now, apart from the Jo Loves Paintbrush perfume gel, I don't actually know any other at all. This is just over RM50 and is great to throw in your bag to top up.

The tube itself is not big and it smells like fresh roses (not old granny roses at all).

The tip is flexible and neither too firm nor soft and squishy. I like that it is hygienic and you can easily clean this as and when necessary.

The actual gel is a little liquidy but that makes it easy to spread on the wrist and behind the ears (and anywhere else you may dab this and have it gently perfumed).

Here you can see what I mean about the consistency being a bit more liquidy. Also, the perfumed gel is colourless so you do not have to worry about any staining at all.

If you are expecting a full on perfume, it really is not that intense and it lasts for about an hour before it is virtually undetectable but I think it is a nice way to freshen up while staying quite discreet and not showering/spraying others with your perfume (hello plane journeys).

Another haircare that I saw and instantly thought I needed it, was the L'occitane Soothing Scalp Oil. I sadly suffer from itchy and sensitive scalp and a current shampoo really irritated my scalp quite badly so this has been a bit of a lifesaver.

There is a blend of Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orange, Geranium, Lavender and Angelica Essential Oils, soothing Calendula extracts, as well as a hydrating combination of sweet almond, jojoba and grapeseed oils. They only recommend putting this on 2 minutes before rinsing and shampooing and not a few hours or overnight.

The sales lady suggested using a full pipette for the whole head. I assume that means you will need more pipettes of the product as you gradually work down the bottle.

The actual product is liquidy and not thick or heavy at all. There is perfume as part of the ingredient list right at the end. It does not feel greasy on the head at all and is easily massaged into the hair. It washes out easily because it is so lightweight.

I have used it twice, and even on the first use, my scalp was immediately soothed upon rinsing.  My scalp already feels less irritated and I am very happy with this. Oh and it smells like a gentle floral scent, not like most scalp treatments that smell more herbally.

Finally we have the L'occitane Rebalncing Black Soap which was quite talked about when it first launched. This is also sealed for safety so do not worry about that.

The ingredient list looks good as there is nothing really to irritate the skin. It is an olive oil based cleanser and although it states here to use on damp skin, I was repeatedly reminded to use it on dry skin before rinsing and continuing the massage of the product.

The product looks black and mine is slightly messy looking because it was on its side for ages. If you put it down properly it will settle down and looks brand new again where the product smoothes over.

The truth is, this black soap, is not that black! It is light yellow in colour and the texture is actually a liquidy gel! It is not a solid soap at all! I was surprised by the texture revelation.

Here I tried it on dry skin and it massages in easily. It does not foam up much at all but you can feel the product when you are massaging it. If you use it directly on damp skin, it is quite similar but you might not be inclined to massage it as long.

When you add some water to dampen the skin and continue massaging, the soap still does not foam up but you can still feel the soap at work. It is only to be used 2-3 times a week as it is quite clarifying and probably stripping if used daily! (Also who has time to massage everyday).

I enjoyed all the products I picked up, which is really no surprise as L'occitane is a brand that I like most things I have tried and used. If you are looking for Christmas gifts, the gift sets are already out and my personal favourite is the Almond set as the products in the range are just divine. However, if you just pick products up individually, it would still be amazing.

Hopefully by the time you see this post, the sale is still on and you can check out these products and the others that are on sale!

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