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I am including the amazin'graze under the "amazing things my friends introduce me to!" list and even though I have ordered with them before and I fully intended to write a blogpost on them, I ate the products before I could photograph them and so this time, I practiced a lot more self control!

The typical amazin'graze granola comes in the 250g resealable bag which I find very useful. The main ingredients are printed on the front  but there is a full list at the bag.

You can see the nutrition facts and all as well. I know that amazin'graze is sold at Ben's Grocer at Publika and a few other places but I tend to just pick mine up from the online store!

I picked up 2 bags of the amazin'graze granola this time round and this is the  amazin'graze matcha green tea granola. The little clusters of oats and almonds are covered in matcha powder.

I do just have these with milk rather than yoghurt as it is easier and I find that the granola retains its crunch enough. If cereal gets soggy really quickly I tend to pair it with yoghurt because I like my breakfast to have a real bite to it. So I am happy to say these stay crunchy even in milk for a good amount of time!

This does turn the milk green really quickly and you can really taste the green tea matcha flavour when you eat it. I personally really enjoy it and it is not very sweet at all, a pet peeve of mine for breakfast!

The  amazin'graze salted gula melaka granola is also amazing! I personally like how unique the flavours are, a real east meet west sort of mix.

Even on the website, you can see the ingredients listed so that if you have any allergies you can check. I don't have any known allergies so really just picked the granola based on flavour!

This granola does not come in clusters and seems to have more nuts and bits. The dried mulberry and cranberry adds a slight tang to the general taste of the granola.

I think I prefer the matcha green tea for the cluster form and the slight, really slight bitter taste of the green tea, but this is really nice too. The slightly salty taste offsets the sweetness of gula melaka.

Basically, I like both so much that I have reordered both, even though the whole point was to find out which one I like!

Now for the product that is top on the list for me - amazin'graze rosemary pepita seed mix! This used to come in crisp form where they are more piece by piece. I don't mind it as long as they don't stop making this!

I will warn you however, that this is really addictive and impossibly yummy! I like that it is a healthy option for a snack but I probably overeat it because it is so delicious. Too much of a good thing!

Pepitas, if you do not know, are pumpkin seeds. Granted they are not the prettiest but when roasted and with a pinch of himalayan salt and these are slightly sweet from the molasses, are just my top snack to grab.

It does come slightly together because of the molasses but not very much so, there are also plenty of bits that are loose. This is best enjoyed poured out in a bowl but I am lazy and just eat it out of the bag - thankfully it is resealable!

Finally, I also picked up the amazin'graze chocolate coconut hazelnut butter. There are quite a few variants of these nut butters that amazin'graze offers but I picked this up because the chocolate made me think of nutella!

The expiration is clearly printed, this actually does not matter because I actually finished mine up so quickly due to how yummy it is!

They do recommend refrigerating after opening, so I did!

When you first get the product it might have separated a bit and all you need to do is just mix it together again. I don't mind product separation in nut butters as I find that a lot of brands have this issue where they don't add preservatives and unnecessary additions.

After you mix it up you will realise that this is not as smooth as your regular smooth peanut butter. In fact it looks a little sandy and this is because the nut butter is 100% stone ground.

It is by no means pretty but dare I say it, I prefer it to Nutella! Anyone who knows me knows this is a very big claim as I love Nutella! This is not as sweet as nutella and it has little coconut pieces which makes it really interesting to eat and has more of a bite. I particularly like that it tastes chocolatey without being as sweet as Nutella. You also know this is a lot healthier with no added sugar!

Now some of you may have noticed that amazin'graze products all contain molasses and no sugar but a quick google and you can see that molasses is meant to be a healthier version of refined sugar but since we eat it in such small amounts (thankfully) you don't really reap any of the rewards so it is essentially similar to sugar.

I will mention that when I made my order online they included this voucher (which is expired by now). I personally did not utilise it but I never complain if there are bonuses chucked in!

I love amazin'graze and I have already placed a third order by the time this blogpost goes up I will be muching on my new goodies and writing up on how they taste and all! I hope you find this blogpost useful and that you will check amazin'graze out!

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