Monday, 9 November 2015

Oscar Blandi hair products

I have been wanting to try Oscar Blandi products, mainly because of the Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray.
I sometimes want to curl my hair on second day (after washing) and all the heat protect sprays are wet, so this was a real revelation.
Oscar Blandi
Oscar Blandi

I saw this at TK Maxx and I grabbed it immediately. At £5.99 it is neither really cheap or expensive, but if it works, I will be sourcing it for sure! However, a quick google showed that it is usually a retail of USD 22- USD 25.

I also picked up the  we already have dry shampoos, so dry conditioner seems like a good idea!

Starting with the Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray,
Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray
Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray
I have never seen a dry conditioner spray, but there are plenty of dry shampoos around. I feel that a dry conditioner would serve as a moisture boost, so perhaps it will not be suited for oilier hair, but it is something that I thought would benefit my drier hair texture.

So far I have tried it in various ways, including after curling my hair just to seal in some moisture.
I have also used it on second day hair even when I am not heat styling it.

This actually smells really nice, sort of sweet in a way. I feel that using it after styling gives it a bit of hold, just very slight, almost like the sort of hold you would get from a stronger dry shampoo. I also like the idea of conditioning my hair again.

This has been circulating the beauty blogger/youtuber world for a while, and I really wanted to try a dry heat protecting spray.
Oscar Blandi Dry Conditioner Spray
Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray
First of all, this smells nice! The nozzle is quite nice, but being a hair product rather than a skincare item, as long as it did not shoot out in a single line spritz sort of thing, I tend to be quite happy.

It smells nice, a little woody and fresh. I find this an important feature to mention as it affects my perception if a hair product does not smell nice. This however, smells nice so all is not lost.

I cannot really tell if this works to protect my hair, just like the usual thermal protectant. There is literally no real indication until your hair is fried unfortunately.

However, I believe that it works, and I use it liberally on my second day hair if I am styling it, usually to curl the mid-lengths and ends of it. There is no crunchy feeling and because my hair is already quick thick and heavy, I did not actually feel that there is any sort of weighing down.

So far I have been really impressed with both products and would not hesitate to repurchase it at the TK Maxx price that I got it at. However, I am not sure I could justify it at full price.
Plus, Batiste has now released styling products that include a dry heat protect spray, which I am keen to try as it is much more affordable and more readily available in the high streets.

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