Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bobbi Brown Covent Garden

I had a bad exam and decided to go around trying things out.

I picked up a leotard from Bloch
Little plug, follow me on instagram @cherriessballet and I don't know if you can see but the leotard has little cap sleeves and the back is lacey and just really beautiful!

and I visited the Clinique pop up store at Covent Garden and then had a quick makeover at Bobbi Brown (next door)
I had a quick makeover where I got to try a few of the art sticks before settling on Bright Raspberry and I loved how Hot Pink lip gloss looked on me so I wanted that as well but it was out of stock...

I did however, pick up the Pot Rouge - Pretty Powerful II which I have managed to forget to take a lose the picture before I used it and it is not as pretty!

Here are also some pictures of me trying out Mac Cosmetics Brave Lipstick and a slightly more brown shade which I have now forgotten the name of.
This is once again, proof that makeup is not one shade fits all.
Brave looks super pink on me and is just not what I am looking for at all but it looks beautiful on many people.

Overall, I had a lovely time at Bobbi Brown and I am quite sad that I have lost the picture I took at Covent garden itself and of the products.
I highly recommend popping in as they have excellent service and are just really lovely in helping out!

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