Saturday, 7 March 2015

teapigs - the real tea test

Before I start, let me explain things a little.

A few weeks ago, I made an order with FeelUnique, where I was sent a sachet of the everyday brew from teapigs.

Subsequently, I was so enamoured with it, I started following teapigs on twitter and instagram!
This led to me seeing a picture asking bloggers to email in to try a 2 weeks trial of the everyday brew and I jumped on that opportunity!

So here we are today, I have just received my 2 weeks worth of tea (a pack of 50!) and a pretty little mug.

I was only going to write about this when I had finished my 2 weeks test. However, I spotted something on the teapigs website which I thought I MUST blog about.

Take the teapigs real tea test!

There is an offer (link on title) for you to try the everyday brew by teapigs for 2 weeks too! There is an inclusion of the cute mug, and you lose nothing by trying this.

I personally am really enjoying the tea so far and I like that on the website, they breakdown the price point.
Such as if you buy 50 tea temples (the one that is sent to me) it costs £9.95, but that really is £0.20 per cup. Loose tea tends to be cheaper, but if you want, you can also get a sample pack, which is £1.30 for 2 tea temples.

There are plenty of other teas, ranging from peppermint to some chocolate flavoured ones.

I love good old builders tea and still have quite a bit of Twinings green tea but I am swayed by teapigs, in a big way.

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