Thursday, 26 March 2015

Blow Ltd

A trip to Blow Dry Bar Ltd at Covent Garden left me significantly poorer.

I walked in, hoping for a blow dry, left with awesome hair, a quick makeover and a few goodies in my bag.
 I took a snap in sunlight to show you the products on my face (which is essentially what I bought) but it was not a great shot of my blowdry as my scarf is making my hair go all funny!

So when I got home, I took another selfie!

I had a blowdry and gloss shot for £45 and Tonia (my stylist) was really nice! There was an ipad and I was reading stylist so I did not talk very much to her but rather, had a moment to myself.
My hair was shampooed and I definitely have a scalp massage and the gloss shot at the end before it was all rinsed off (again) and then the blow dry.

Afterwards, I went to the makeup aisle to have a play with Face Stockholm, Jouer and all the different makeup brands which are not ordinarily available easily around London!
Emma who was the first to welcome me and in the end helped me pick the perfect shade of my Jouer Matte Moisture Tint.

I have been wearing this tinted moisturiser (I tried to check if it is BB/TM/CC/I have no idea) and I think it is quite a sheer coverage but you can build it up. I like to use a little to cover my whole face and even though it has SPF 15, I do use a moisturiser with SPF underneath as I tend to use as little foundation as I possibly can to even my skin out.
I love how after I powder, I can get away with not powdering throughout the day, perfect for a lazy girl like me. I do highlight points of my face to have more dimension to my face but I really am liking it.

I've included a whole host of pictures of me wearing this Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Linen

None of the days that I have been wearing it, did it require any powdering once I had set my makeup. I do tend to use a highlighter with this on points I want to emphasise or bring light to, but it is a really natural finish and if I was going for a no-makeup makeup look, this was certainly to be it!
Also side note, I am wearing the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in my final picture, and that is a pic of the bf. I am slightly envious of his skin. While I would offer to do a post on his routine, I know that it pretty much consists of one thing.... Water.

I really enjoyed the service at Blow Ltd and everyone was so friendly and you can really play try products out without any hovering around you *cough Space NK cough*  and I appreciate that. I will be returning for a blow dry if and when I need one. 

If you know of other places with good blow dries (and decent prices), do drop me a comment down below!

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