Wednesday, 4 February 2015

MaxFactor Masterpiece Transform High Impact Volumising Mascara

It really is not often that I dedicate a whole blog post to a mascara.

I am quite fussy about mascaras as I find it difficult to find one which does not majorly weigh down my lashes.
I often like to curl them and go in with a waterproof one then top up with lashings of a regular mascara with the aim of lengthening without losing the curl.

It is quite a lot to ask for, and does this live up to its claims of volume promises?

Here is a close up of the mascara wand and it is an interesting plastic wand

It sort of  fans out on if you hold it one way but if you hold it otherwise it just looks like a regular plastic wand

I really like this mascara. It gives me enough length and covers me on the volume front as well.
It does not look spidery (or that is what I think anyway) and here I have included some pictures of me wearing this without any waterproof mascara underneath!

Here I am with one coat of the mascara

Close up of my eyes

And here I am with an added second coat

It looks slightly spidery here now

but this Black Brown mascara is doing a lot for my eyelashes.
I did lose a bit of the curl because I did not use a waterproof mascara underneath but overall I am impressed with this.

I would purchase this again but probably in black!

*Ps Sorry that some of the photos came out yellow, I did take this picture after 7 hours wear just to make sure it has not smudge, which it has not!*

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