Friday, 20 February 2015

Intimina - Lily Cup Compact

What is a Lily Cup?

If you have not guessed from the brand "Intima" Lily cup is almost like a spin-off of Moon Cup and Diva Cup. I personally own a Moon Cup prior to getting this off Kickstarter to try.

I don't think I really answered the question so let's try again, what is a Lily Cup?
It is a menstrual cup.
Instead of using sanitary pads and tampons (which are bleached to be so sparkling white), the idea of Cups date back to decades ago (surprisingly) and these are made out of medical grade silicone for you to insert in your body (like a tampon) and you just pour the contents away after a few hours.

What is different about Lily Cup from the regular Moon Cup (I won't be referring to Diva Cup as I have never tried it)?
The Lily Cup I have is the compact version, meaning it folds up and is no bigger than... a flossing kit.

The silicone is much softer than my Moon Cup but the capacity is also slightly smaller (due to the folding). I still get about 8 hours wear for mine, but you can purchase a bigger size (there are two sizes) if capacity is a problem.

I particularly love the colour of the Lily Cup Compact, and the little holder it comes in is just a bonus. The holder actually has about 4 tiny holes at one end (funny because circles do not have any edge/end) to allow the product to breathe and not be musky. Of course, you would wash this properly before putting it back in the holder regardless!

I have trimmed my Lily Cup Compact slightly, just 2 rings off at the bottom and you are advised not to go further than 3 rings as you may accidentally damage the Lily Cup Compact by introducing a hole!

I like this for travelling and just constantly having it in my bag because when I have a surprise visitor, I can just pop this in and all is well again. I do prefer my Moon Cup for usual usage because I am more used to it but the Lily Cup Compact is softer and may be more suitable if you are a first time user to a menstrual cup!

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