Sunday, 3 August 2014

Guru MakeUp Emporium

Who is Guru MakeUp Emporium?

Situated at 12 Kensington Church Street London, W8 4 EP,
they hold a load of product that you don't get to see elsewhere! Ranging from

Make Up For Ever
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Ben Nye
Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser
EX1 Cosmetics

and many more!

Bob brought me there and I was really very overwhelmed.
Here are some pictures of things I remembered to take pictures of!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
These are all the lip tars, gloss stains and everything lip!
The pots behind are actually concealers but I was not looking for any concealers so stayed on this side to have a little play around

The pigmentation, is all sorts of crazy, this was the tiniest dab.
*Also, my hand is stained from the Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain swatched earlier in the day and removed with just a baby wipe - lesson of the day : they really do stain.

Make Up For Ever
There was a really good range of Make Up For Ever cosmetics, ranging from foundation to primers and powders, as well as eyeliners, shadow sticks and lipsticks etc etc.
I bought an aqua shadow from this picture, any guesses?

Some swatches
The two pink and red dots, and the smudges are the OCC lip products and the top bit is of the different Aqua Shadows from Make Up For Ever! Once set they do not budge!

I wish I had taken more pictures because I cannot remember half the brands but I am excited to share the three things I bought.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow in 28E
 This pen, is all sorts of beautiful,  just look at it!
It applies really creamy and I love that it is a twist up, because my Sephora pen is a bit of a pen to sharpen (lazy girl problems) and here is a swatch of it on my hand
Top swatch is just a quick one stroke and the bottom swatch is about 3 strokes/layers.
It is just a pale golden champagne which does not wash me out but rather, give my eyes a bit of colour and light, possibly life!
It catches the light but is not too shimmery.

Next up are the two OCC lip tars - matte which I purchased

 You may have noticed the packaging difference...
Bob and I decided to go halves on one of the colours!

OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia (right)

OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet
The colour is incredible and the colour pay off is even more incredible

Here are some swatches to put my money where my mouth is!
I put a tiny dot of each product and smudge it out with the brushes provided (the lip tars come in a little vinyl pouch and have a little accompanying lip brush)
Bob and I both love the Strumpet colour and here is us wearing it

I love all three products, and I swatched many thing on my hand as well as played around with EX1 Cosmetics. The foundation (lightest shade available in store) swatched perfectly on my face and it only cost £10.50
This is drugstore price for a really decent foundation. I loved how yellow its base was.

I will probably find myself back in this store, but for now, I am feeling rather blown away by the OCC lip tar. This was after 3 hours, continuous talking and drinking, as well as a big Bimbimbap dinner.
Lipstick, still completely on.
OCC Lip Tar in Strumpet

Oh. In LOVE. and here is a picture of Bob and I both wearing Strumpet in different intensity and how different it looks on both of us in general
In fact, Bob and I both 1 and 1/2 OCC products each, she picked up a beautiful orange shade and tried on this purple shade and we thought to take a picture in natural light  for you to compare the difference
Creamy and lovely to wear on the lips!


  1. THEY HAVE A SHOP!!!!! This is total revelation to me, Iv ordered from them online before (Ben Nye Banana powder) but had no idea they had a store. I bought the makeup forever HD when on hol and am so glad to see that I can now get it in the UK!

    The eyeshadow stick you bought looks amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! You have officially enabled a purchase :-)

    1. Yes, they just moved from... somewhere to here! =D How is the banana powder! we saw it in store!
      I love that eyeshadow stick so so so so so much.
      and I don't know whether to cheer about being an enabler or feel really bad =P

    2. Im really curious about this Ben Nye Banana powder! I always imagine the powder smelling like bananas haha

      But seriously though, whats so special about this powder??? There's so many different colour but I don't know why this is the most talked about.

    3. Kim K perhaps and the fact that it is a good brightening colour for a lot of people? Shazia, tell us!!