Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bob's Red Lipsticks

This was incredibly fun to do.
I went around to Bob's house one day and we played with a lot of her make up and decided to take lots of pictures to do an impromptu post on my blog.

I am still trying to convince her to start a beauty blog.

We basically decided to both do it to show you how different lipsticks can look on different skintones.
Bob is around a MAC NC40 at the moment and I am about NC30
and look at us swatching it all on our hands! WHOOSH!

So we have gone top to bottom and right to left -
Mac Lady Bug (lustre)
Mac Russian Red (matte)
Mac Neon Orange (amplified creme)
Mac Retro (satin)
Nars Short Circuit
Chanel Rouge Velvet La Fascinate
Chanel Coco Shine Gabrielle -19
Topshop in Rio Rio
Gorgio Armani Ecstasy Rouge in 403

We tried to start off with my standard No lip product picture and.....

 Take 2 and we managed not to giggle and laugh too much

 Mac Lady Bug

Bob did not like smiling without showing her beautiful white FANGS I mean teeth ;) but worried about consistency, you lovely readers do not mind too much, do you?
 This is a beautiful sheer red. Basically Mac Lustres are not as intensely pigmented.
Bob said this was her first red lipstick and I actually think it is a good first red lipstick as it is not a terrifying one. Another good sheer red would be Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple.

Here are the close ups as per usual, apologies for not applying them to complete precision.

  Here is Bob looking gorgeous
 I love our sexy outtakes. Should I have it all at the end or would you prefer in between laughs?

 Mac Russian Red (Matte)
 We tried a toothy smile to ease Bob into things, I genuinely do not think it matters too much. I personally do not smile with my teeth in these lip pictures because a lot of my lips disappears and I think it is harder for you to see the lip product but Bob has lush lips which do not disappear upon smiling.
 Sorry, here is a better picture of it, you can see Russian Red looks a lot deeper on me and almost more blue toned and slightly more neutral on Bob.
 Lovely. I know.
The upclose shot
I love Russian Red and almost bought it instead of Ruby Woo but decided to get the latter in the end. This is a matte finish and is less drying the Ruby Woo (retro matte) but is a beautiful deep red.

Mac Neon Orange
 Kissy pictures for full pout effect
 Again, the orange looks slightly more pink on me than Bob
This is an amplified creme finish and is a pretty lipstick all in all.

 Can you tell I got a little restless waiting for Bob to swipe on the lipsticks?

Mac Retro
 Bob insists this is a red but to me this is a pinky brown, mainly brown. It is a lovely nude lip on her in my opinion, but since she categorised it under red.........
On me it is just... old.
This is a satin finish and I like that it is pigmented but the colour is not very flattering on me but looks very pretty on Bob.

 In between bonding time <3

Nars Short Circuit
Again, brighter on me and redder and more orange on Bob


Chanel Rouge Velvet La Fascinate
This looked rather neutral on me and had the tiniest warmth when on Bob

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Gabrielle -19
I love this so much and am already planning to get this, it applied like a dream

Topshop Rio Rio
More red on me and more orange on Bob

We ended with Gorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in 403
I featured this on my blogpost and you can read it HERE
This was especially nice as it feels really nourishing and our lips were really sore from all the different lipstick swatches!
Looks more pigmented on Bob

All in all, Bob has an amazing collection of reds and we hope that teaming up to do the red lips can help you choose your red shade better!

Much love

Here is a lovely picture of us to end it all off, sorry if I/we managed to scare or even scar you with our "snapchat" faces


  1. LOL! Looks like you girls had fun doing this! Its so interesting to see how the same lipstick looks so different depending on skin tone/lip colour! My favourite red (orange) of the moment is Rimmels in love with ginger.

    Thanks for sharing. xx

    1. It was really fun but our lips were so super sore! Yes it looks so different on both of us! Ahhh I am going to go check that out =D xx

    2. Going to have to look for that Rimmel lipstick. I am queen of anything orange!!!!