Saturday, 5 July 2014

Lipstick Queen & Face Stockholm lipstick

You know those people who have so many lipstick swatches that they look a little crazy?

I think I qualify!

There are 6 colours in the Velvet Rope collection and I swatch 4 of the 5 available at the Space NK I visited at Covent Garden.

The lightest shade I ignored was either Star System or Star Power and the other (Star System/Power) was missing from the stand.

The four colours, going from top left to top right and then bottom left and right are Brat Pack, Private Party, Black Tie and Entourage.

 I swatched it going in the same sequence and these were only one swipe each!

Brat Pack is described as the hottest pink
Private Party a true red
Black Tie is described as the deepest red
Entourage as the richest wine

I really like the colour pay off and how easily they glided on but at £35 each, I did not immediately pick them up! I also will probably go for Brat Pack and Entourage but this is truly a tough decision!

On another note, I was sent these pictures all the way from Stockholm because I asked Anna about Face Stockholm

The sheer number of lip product is astounding!

And here are some swatches on Anna's hand while she attempted to pick one out of EVERYTHING for me

Anna ended up buying one of the three shades she swatched on her hand and I will be receiving this when we next meet and rest assured I will be doing a swatch post on my AllAboutLips series!

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