Monday, 7 April 2014

Korres Lip Butters

I know many people were raving on about the Korres Lip Butters a while back and there has been many reviews and swatches online, but there is no such thing as too many!

I am a MAC NC20 skintone and these pictures were taken in natural light with my iPhone 5 and I was not wearing a scrap of make up (just the lip butter in the latter two photos)

I will be reviewing Pomegranate and Quince

First off is a picture of my lips completely nude, nothing on, not even lip balm.

 Here is me wearing Pomegranate.
It really is a sheer tint of coral. Not too pink and not too orange, it's a good colour for spring.

Here is me wearing Quince.
 This is a pinker lip tint. It is lovely for all weathers if you only want a sheer colour.

Both Lip Butters (and my recollection of the Jasmine one) are very buttery (as the name suggest) and melt onto the lips upon contact. They are far nicer than the Body Shop one but the colour is not forever. In fact, it only lasts 1-2 hours. I love reapplying this because it feels so lovely but it leaves the lips smooth for at least half a day so the reapplication is mainly for the colour and slight tint and sheen.

And here are the three pictures lined up for a better comparison. From left to right, Nude, Pomegranate and Quince.

Have you tried the Korres Lip Butters? Which is your favourite?

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